MRTG for Windows

Multi-Digit Traffic Router

The MRTG, Multi Router Traffic Grapher, a wonderful tool written in Perl, provides your device data linked to the network that can be investigated and monitored using SNMP. In terms of function and use it to control the large number of your traffic, it works well - for the other bells and whistles that are looking for many officials and engineers, they lack a bit.

We want to name a few MRTG alternatives for Windows and Open Source platforms, as well as some benefits for each alternative. Some reasons why network engineers are looking to stay away from MRTG and find a suitable alternative is:

• No updated and intuitive graphical interface
• Expand the ability and scale for multiple system types
• Alert and flexible notification system
• Additional monitoring options
• Easy installation, configuration and update
• Better support, community and active forum
• Firmware updates

These are just some of the reasons people are looking for alternatives to MRTG. Here's a quick list of the best software packages we think are appropriate to monitor your traffic and system.

Here are the best MRTG alternatives / alternatives:

We will divide it into two categories - first we will cover Windows alternatives and open source versions. Some of the packages below contain free or free versions available for use with a time limit or a certain number of sensors / devices to monitor.

Solarwinds monitor network performance

Is an excellent choice Solarwinds NPM for another MRTG, taking into account the existence of a significant share in the market and ongoing updates for NPM, it is no wonder they are at the forefront of the game in terms of network monitoring and management.

The monopolistic Solarwinds integrates technology into a network performance monitoring software that gives you an in-depth look at your network bandwidth and puts you in a way easy to digest and take action.

NetPath helps you analyze and identify problems in each "hop" in your network. It already removes guesses to find the node that helps prevent the width of your bandwidth and search for the critical path of network traffic. From there, you can quickly fix the problem and continue to improve your network speed to provide the best user experience for your users.

The Netpath one of the most visible ways and intuitive to discover the bottleneck bandwidth in your network - with information such as utilization rates, and latency in milliseconds, and packet loss, and the rate of error, and number of hopes, you can move to find out where there is the problem immediately. See the screenshot below for a detailed screenshot of how Netpath will appear.

Some NPM Features Include:

• Hop-Hop (Netpath) analysis and diagram of traffic
• Set Wifi and Wired Network (Dynamic)
• Wireless network (Wi-Fi) management
• Ability to predict, warn and report
• Monitor performance and availability for debugging
• Easy installation with automatic network discovery / mapping
• Easy to use interface with customizable
• Pack capture and packet inhalation (compatible with Netflow, sFlow, jFlow, Netstream and IPfix)
• Monitor devices, alarms and notifications
• Minimum system requirements for NPM operation (implementation on VM test if necessary!)

Donwload MRTG : 

Free Driver

Solarwinds NPM is one of the best contenders for network monitoring and monitoring. It offers a free 30-day trial - we suggest you download and install it on a test server or VM to see what features we've covered.