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Best SNMP Monitoring Tools and Software

SNMP or Nagios XI Download is a protocol used by many different devices that connect to IP networks. You can think of it as a useful tool that allows us to gather information about your existing network environment. Since it is such a common software component and compatible with almost all network devices, many monitoring tools use a tool that allows system and network administrators to see clearly what is happening in real time.

Some elements that require monitoring are server usage statistics such as CPU usage, RAM usage, Hard Disk Space, network traffic on LAN interfaces, and other critical information about your server infrastructure. If your environment is full of dozens or even hundreds of servers, SNMP allows your applications to read this data when they are available;

SNMP also provides similar statistics about network hardware, such as firewalls, routers, and managed switches, and can even transmit supply level information from office equipment such as network-level copiers and printers. Today we will look at 10 such monitoring tools and see what the main differences are.

This will help you decide when you want to get a new software package for your environment and hopefully help you avoid selecting a software package that doesn't do what you need. Here are the Best SNMP Monitoring Tools and Software of 2019.

Nagios XI 

On our list is Nagios XI, which is the next enterprise server and network monitoring software package. Applications can monitor your entire network infrastructure, including specific services, operating systems, network protocols, system metrics, and more. Third-party plug-ins increase the functionality of this product group; this means that your custom tracking needs can be met if it falls outside the scope of your application with Nagios XI Download.

Download Nagios XI 

Nagios XI for Windows
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Nagios XI for Linux
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Nagios uses a powerful monitoring engine called Nagios Core 4, which is said to provide users with good performance and low resource consumption. The result is an incredibly well-scaled monitoring solution as your network devices start to rise to hundreds of numbers. An informative user interface allows your team to get a centralized view of the app and work with powerful dashboards that provide ├╝ at-a-glance merkezi information.

Installation is very easy and Nagios XI offers a simple setup that will keep your monitoring environment running in a matter of minutes. Enter all the necessary information about your network and wait for the system to complete the network scan. For Standard Edition, pricing starts from $ 1995.

Features Nagios XI

  • Easy Configuration Wizards
  • GUI Configuration
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Advanced Visualization
  • Custom User Dashboards
  • Custom User Views
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