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Network Monitor System

The Network Monitor Free is a system built for the purpose of monitoring the network and seeing the network traffic conditions. So if you find suspicious network traffic, the administrator can apply several actions / precautions first. For the condition of the network to remain safe. 

Without us knowing there are several computer viruses that can use network networking on a computer. For that networking monitoring is highly recommended. An important area of ​​network measurement, this is related to monitoring the health of various links in a network using end-to-end probes sent by agents located at the point of view on the internet network.

Route analytics Network Monitor

Is an important field of network measurement. This includes methods, systems, algorithms and tools for monitoring network routing postures. If they occur, wrong routing or problematic routing will cause undesired performance degradation or downtime. Various types of Website protocol monitoring services can check HTTP, HTTPS, SNMP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, DNS, SSH, TELNET, SSL, TCP, ICMP, SIP, UDP.

Streaming media and various other ports with various intervals check starting from every four hours for every one minute. Usually, most network monitoring services test your server anywhere between once-per-minute for one-time.

Internet Server Monitoring

See also: Monitoring website Internet server monitoring means that the server owner always knows if one or all of his services are down. server monitoring can be internal, eg software the web server checks the status and notifies the owner if some services are down, and externally, ie some web server monitoring companies check the status of the service with a certain frequency. Server monitoring can include checks of system metrics, such as CPU usage, memory usage, network performance and disk space.

This can also include monitoring applications, such as checking program processes such as Apache, MySQL, Nginx, Postgres and others. external monitoring is more reliable, because it continues to function when the server actually drops. Good server monitoring tools also have benchmarking performance, and the ability to connect certain limits to automated Server jobs such as providing more memory or making backups to remind. (source: Wikipedia)

Benefits of Networking Another monitoring is monitoring problems found in networks such as overload, server crashes, bad network conditions. The good thing is that if something happens then the NMS system will give a warning message to the administrator.

Like a server experiencing crashes, overloads, poor network conditions and so on. As if the software and hardware devices are experiencing a crash, the NMS will give a warning message to the administrator. There are several examples of networking monitoring software as below.

  •  Microsoft Network Monitor
  •  Wireshark
  •  Nagios
  •  OpenNMS
  •  Advanced IP Scanner
  •  Capsa Free
  •  Fiddler
  •  NetworkMiner
  •  Pandora FMS
  •  Zenoss Core

Download Network Monitor

Network Monitor
Free Driver

Network monitoring is now easier because thanks to special software to deal with network monitor problems. As in Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4 software, software has a function to determine the data traffic that is being sent or received by the computer network concerned. Not only that, Mirosoft Network monitoring software can also analyze samples on the network.

How to Install Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4

If you don't have Microsft Network Monitoring software, then you can download the application to the official Microsoft site and apply the method below

  • Open the Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4 software that you downloaded.
  • The installation process is ongoing.
  • Click next on MS Network Monitor 3.4 setup.
  • Then select I agrement and click next.
  • Select the type of installation that is complete installation.
  • Then click install, the software will process the installation. Wait until it's finished.
  • If the installation process is complete, then click finish. then Microsoft Network Monitoring software can already be used.