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The SNMP or Opennms Network Monitoring Download is a protocol used by many different devices that connect to IP networks. You can think of it as a useful tool that allows us to gather information about your existing network environment. Since it is such a common software component and compatible with almost all network devices, many monitoring tools use a tool that allows system and network administrators to see clearly what is happening in real time.

Some elements that require monitoring are server usage statistics such as CPU usage, RAM usage, Hard Disk Space, network traffic on LAN interfaces, and other critical information about your server infrastructure. If your environment is full of dozens or even hundreds of servers, SNMP allows your applications to read this data when they are available;

SNMP also provides similar statistics about network hardware, such as firewalls, routers, and managed switches, and can even transmit supply level information from office equipment such as network-level copiers and printers. Today we will look at 10 such monitoring tools and see what the main differences are.This will help you decide when you want to get a new software package for your environment and hopefully help you avoid selecting a software package that doesn't do what you need.


OpenNMS is best described as a carrier-class network monitoring package that can be used in 2 different formats: Horizon and Meridian. Both of these derivatives are open source and free to use, but there are some differences between these two versions.

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Meridian is a stable business release that uses only tried and tested technologies and makes it a stable candidate for enterprise monitoring requirements. It is supported by a growing community of users who are very robust and ready to help with any problems you may have during the setup phase of your installation.

The experimental Horizon version is seen as a test area for innovation and new technologies. As with new technologies, there are stability issues that sometimes have to be overcome when testing and refining a new application. Both versions of OpenNMS offer its users a comprehensive application at the heart of their service assurance and performance management features. The Layer 2 discovery is made possible by the SNMP application, allowing automatic discovery on your network.

OpenNMI has won numerous awards over the years, thanks to its innovative approach and robustness. As with most Open Source projects, there are value-added purchases that users can do to provide a more commercial experience. When removed from the box, OpenNMI manages to impress with a long list of features and functionality. If you have expertise and have a budget, it can definitely be worth checking out.

Features OpenNMI

  • Notifications
  • Ticket Integration
  • Alarm Routing
  • Uses SNMP, JMX, WMI, WS-Management, NSClient
  • IPV6 compatible
  • Open source
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