Server Monitoring Tools

What is Server Monitoring Tools?

The Server Monitoring Tools is the process of monitoring all system resources associated with the server to understand resource usage patterns and optimize them accordingly to provide a better end-user experience. It provides sufficient data on the performance of your operating system, allowing your server to host your applications, allowing full application and network server monitoring and providing a convenient overview of your system's operation.

Today, organizations rely on intuitive enterprise server monitoring for the best performance of their server infrastructure. While most server monitoring tools provide real-time server monitoring and generate notifications of performance issues, an ideal infrastructure monitoring tool not only warns you but also provides comprehensive information about the root cause of problems and helps you resolve them quickly.

Application Manager is among the best server monitoring software preferred by thousands of administrators for server monitoring. It serves as an ideal server monitor software that provides proactive server performance monitoring in physical, virtual, and cloud environments, monitors your server's critical performance parameters, provides an absolute server monitoring service, and helps administrators detect and troubleshoot problems before they create serious threats with Server Monitoring Tools.

Real-Time Monitoring of Server Performance

Metrics, such as CPU usage and Disk Usage, are the primary attributes for measuring the load on your CPU and measuring it to make an overall assessment of server memory usage. In addition, server administrators need a tool that provides absolute network server monitoring capabilities, allowing them to view the state of the machines on the network and to understand the amount of load handled by the network server with the help of parameters as follows. the number of traffic sent to / received in the network interface.

Applications Manager's server performance monitoring provides real-time server monitoring for various key criteria, such as:
  • Memory Usage
  • Disk I / O
  • Network Interface and Adapters
  • Hardware Health
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • Syslog Errors
  • Event Logs, etc.

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Error Management Made Easy

Server monitoring capabilities in Application Manager let you keep abreast of abnormalities in the server infrastructure. Server and application monitor allows you to set threshold limits for vital parameters that are important to maintain server uptime and get immediate notification if thresholds are violated. You can also automate corrective actions, such as starting or stopping a server or understanding and decoding the root cause of the problem in Server Monitoring Tools detail.

Intelligent Analytics for Server Performance Features

Applications Manager's server performance monitor offers numerous analytical capabilities to measure and monitor resource usage and performance trends of the server infrastructure. While Trend Analysis reports allow administrators to understand the performance trends of different parameters on a server, Estimated Reports uses Machine Learning algorithms to predict disc usage trends for various server monitors in the future. 

The server and application monitor offer capacity planning reports that help administrators identify servers that cause more or less use of their resources, allowing you to properly plan load allocation and resource allocation. In addition, you can create your own custom reports and schedule automatic report generation according to the set intervals.

All-in-One Server Monitor Software

Applications Manager provides a complete server monitoring service for the following servers:
  • Application Servers
  • Database Servers
  • Virtual Servers
  • Web Servers
  • Mail server
  • File server
  • Services
  • Hardware monitoring

Applications Manager's server performance monitor is the preferred server monitor software solution for thousands of administrators worldwide. While most server monitors provide performance statistics for your server infrastructure, Applications Manager's server monitoring tool enables users to get end-to-end visibility into the performance of your servers, and provides a complete corporate server monitoring with powerful monitoring, alerting, and analytics capabilities. Ease of use and reasonable price, Application Manager makes the best Server Monitoring Tools available today.