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SNMP Nagios Ability

The SNMP Nagios Download provides complete control of the SNMP protocol (Simple Network Management Protocol). SNMP is a "no proxy" method for monitoring network devices and servers, and it is often preferable to install specific proxies on target devices. SNMP supports important information about thousands of network devices, different operating systems, health and usage metrics, service status, and more from different vendors.

The Benefits of SNMP Nagios

Effective SNMP monitoring with Nagios provides the following advantages:
  • Monitor without a factor
  • Increase server, services and application availability
  • Quick detection of network outages and protocol errors

Send SNMP Traps with Nagios XI

This document describes how to configure Nagios XI-SNMP traps on management hosts or other network management systems when host (s) or service changes occur.

Purpose Nagios 

This document describes how to configure Nagios XI to send SNMP traps to third parties management hosts or network management systems whenever the status of the host or service changes (Alerts) occur. the target audience this document is intended for use by XI Nagios administrators.

Configure SNMP traps

To configure outgoing SNMP traps, go to Administrator> System Extensions> Component Manager. Click the Edit icon in the settings for the SNMP Trapper Sender component. The Configure SNMP Transmitter Component Configuration screen lets you select the convenience hosts that Nagios XI must have Send SNMP traps to the time that host and service changes (alerts) occur. Integration settings Select the Enable SNMP Sender Integrator Sender Integrity check box to enable this component.

Download SNMP Nagios Microsoft:

SNMP Nagios Microsoft
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Integrate SNMP Traps with XI Nagios

This document describes how to configure Nagios XI to receive and handle SNMP traps from external devices. Monitoring SNMP traps allows system administrators to monitor events in real time and network events to provide a real and healthy monitoring environment.

Monitor AKCP sensorProbe2 using SNMP with Nagios XI
Learn how to monitor the AKCP ProPro2 sensor with Nagios XI to warn you when temperature, humidity or other environmental variables exceed certain thresholds.

Monitor Linux using SNMP

Monitor the Windows event logs by using SNMP on the XI Nagios
This document describes how to monitor Windows event logs through SNMP in Nagios XI by using the Inin Event to SNMP Trap ├╝zerinden plug-in from Nagios Exchange. This allows users to quickly and easily warn them about real-time network events and events on their network, especially on Windows devices.

Download SNMP Nagios Linux :

SNMP Nagios Linux
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