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SNMP Tester 

When developing SNMP Tester agent, it is necessary to perform a comprehensive test to verify compliance with the SNMP standard and also to comply with the MIB object syntax to be represented. OiDViEW now has the default module for SNMP Agent testing (available in Pro and Company versions), which will allow program developers to test proxy execution and verify that it is appropriate. 

If the proxy is incompatible, it may not be manageable using a variety of network management systems. The results may be very damaging to new products, because users will not be able to control or monitor them using SNMP. Often agencies that are fully compatible with SNMP are more attractive to equipment buyers for data centers.

Capacity Summary

The SNMP OiDVIEW test module is easy to use, outside the toolbox.

Our test suite has the following capabilities:
  • Supports SNMP v1, v2c and v3 clients
  • No script needed
  • No predefined tests are needed - test every ASN.1 MIB!
  • Creates a test set automatically based on the loaded MIB
  • There is no need to know about the SNMP - Ease of operation
  • By the support staff or quality assurance engineers do not need
  • Perform a SYNTAX check of the MIB ASN.1
  • Perform SEMANTICS by checking all SNMP operations
  • Provide detailed information on why the test failed
  • Test multiple factors simultaneously (one per session)
  • Provide summary information at the bottom of the window
  • Save and load the test suite
  • Record all test results to output file
  • Sort the tests based on the properties in the window
  • Information on test examples that can be narrowed and expanded
  • competitive price

Donwload Paessler SNMP Tester 5.2.3 for Windows :

Paessler SNMP Tester 5.2.3 for Windows
Free Driver

Automatic Tester Making

Unlike other SNMP test devices, OiDViEW automatically creates tests for you. There is no need to text or modify text files, there is no predefined knowledge about SNMP MIB! You can simply group the MIB that you want to test for a proxy, create a session against the agent you want to test, and then press the button. there he is! OiDViEW will do the rest.

When you create a test group, based on the OiDViEW configuration option, you will automatically generate a number of tests for each object. This type of test can be controlled from the OiDViEW Options dialog box. Each individual test type is listed on the right sidebar.

After making OiDViEW you, all you have to do is press the RUN button. SNMP Tester OiDViEW will perform all tests quickly, and when each PASS, FAILED or WARNING occurs, based on the results (or absence), it is accepted then the results can be analyzed, modified or saved. Modified or stored tests can be restarted at a later time. The trial record can be compared to see what has changed in the agent. In addition, the results can be saved in different formats, including XML, ASCII, TEXT, and CSV.