SNMP Trap Receiver

SNMP Trap Receiver

The SNMP Trap Receiver captures, displays, and logs SNMP Traps. The pitfalls are notifications of the events that are sent from a network device to the trap receiver of the SNMP client immediately, rather than waiting for a poll - request to the device of the SNMP client. Traps are an effective method of error alerting, because if a network administrator is responsible for a large number of devices, the SNMP client is faster to report by a network device problem trap than waiting for each device to query in its program.

A trap notifies the SNMP client and the network administrator of a network device problem immediately. A Trap Receiver decodes traps in the network and presents the information in a GUI window. For this reason, a Trap Receiver enables quick viewing of alerts and notifications from any network device, such as servers, printers, hubs, switches, and routers in the Internet Protocol (IP) network in an Internet Protocol (IP) network that supports SNMP.

Why SNMP trap recipients will never change SNMP polls exactly.
Even in trapping functions, it is best not to eliminate the SNMP polling process completely. In the case of a managed device with a definite interruption, this device cannot send any trap and is only discovered during voting. SNMP is always required for query, network discovery and periodic error detection, and combined with capture, both functions help to protect and eliminate network problems.

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Simple Free SNMP Trap Receiver  Software

For home networks, only a simple trap receiver (compatible with Windows XP) is needed. I have downloaded at least 15 different free products or trial versions and none of them did work for me. I'm looking for something compatible with V3. Can someone look at the config to make sure it looks right?

I filtered these traps out of the output, but the traps were enabled with snmp-server enabled traps:
  • snmp-server group dmckibbin v3 private match exact
  • snmp-server ifindex continues
  • snmp-server trap source Loopback0
  • snmp-server gives the source interface Loopback0
  • snmp-server location ********************
  • snmp-server connection *********************
  • snmp-server host informs version priv dmckibbin

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SNMP Trap Receiver 
Free Driver

groupname: dmckibbin security model: v3 priv readview: v1default writeview: <no writings specified> notifyview: * tv.FFFFFFFF.FFFFFFFF.FFFFFFFF0F Queue status: active

User Name: dmckibbin
Engine ID: 800000090300000D28E2C681
storage type: persistent active access list: SNMP_Access
Authentication Protocol: MD5
Privacy Protocol: DES
Group name: dmckibbin
Standard IP access list SNMP_Access
10 allow (Showing 65238) with SNMP Trap Receiver.