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SNMP Monitoring Tools and Software

SNMP or Spiceworks Network Monitor Tools is a protocol used by many different devices that connect to IP networks. You can think of it as a useful tool that allows us to gather information about your existing network environment. Since it is such a common software component and compatible with almost all network devices, many monitoring tools use a tool that allows system and network administrators to see clearly what is happening in real time.

Some elements that require monitoring are server usage statistics such as CPU usage, RAM usage, Hard Disk Space, network traffic on LAN interfaces, and other critical information about your server infrastructure. If your environment is full of dozens or even hundreds of servers, SNMP allows your applications to read this data when they are available;

SNMP also provides similar statistics about network hardware, such as firewalls, routers, and managed switches, and can even transmit supply level information from office equipment such as network-level copiers and printers. Today we will look at 10 such monitoring tools and see what the main differences are.

This will help you decide when you want to get a new software package for your environment and hopefully help you avoid selecting a software package that doesn't do what you need. Here are the Best SNMP Monitoring Tools and Software for 2019.


Spiceworks created its own network monitoring tool that can keep an eye on the 25 devices in your environment. This means that critical servers, routers, and switches can be monitored in real time, and in the event of an error or error, you will be notified via the email or web page console. The software is simple to install, and once the automated system scan is complete, you will see a unified page that shows all of your devices in one convenient spot with Spiceworks Network Monitor Tools.

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This product is ideal for small businesses that do not need to monitor hundreds of systems and devices, but rather require a number of critical services and servers. The software is free to download and use, and people at Spiceworks are happy to assist you if you have any questions about setting it up in your own environment.

There are customization options you can use when setting up the application for the first time, so you can choose exactly the right monitoring services you need for your network. SNMP enables you to detect and report all your network devices when you first set up the installation; this takes only a few minutes to complete.


  • Free to download and use
  • Easy to install
  • Real-time monitoring works well
  • SNMP works well
  • Basic user interface is easy to understand and use
  • Light to system resources

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