Transparent Proxy Download

Transparent Proxy

SNMP Transparent Proxy Download means that SNMP administrators are not aware of the presence of proxies between the front-end or SNMP representatives.
The workflow scenario can be:

• SNMP administrators send SNMP queries to SNMP representatives they know
• Network redirects request packets from SNMP administrators to the SNMP Proxy Forwarder host     on which the server partition is running
• The request is forwarded to the client part and then sent to the SNMP agent:
  1. Initially used by the SNMP administrator
  2. the source address to the SNMP administrator

• The network routes the response packets from the SNMP agent at the SNMP administrator to the SNMP Proxy Router host on which the client partition is running. This only works on Linux, Python 3.3+ and requires super user privileges.

Network Configuration Transparent Proxy Download

You must configure your network routing so that SNMP packets sent by SNMP administrators to SNMP administrators are redirected to the host listening to the server partition of the SNMP Proxy Forwarder.
The following iptables configuration was suggested on this host:
• install a DIVERT chain to mark packages
  1. iptables -t tangle -N DIVERT
  2. iptables -t tangle-A DIVERT -j MARK - set-mark 1
  3. iptables -t tangle-A DIVERT -j ADMISSION

• use DIVERT to prevent the packets connected to open the socket twice from the TPROXY.
iptables -t tangle-ONE WORK-udp -m socket -j DIVERT

• Mark all other (new) packages and use TPROXY to switch to snmpfwd playback on port 161
iptables -t tangle-A STUDY.
After defining the specified SNMP packets, we must redirect the resource to the SNMP proxy server section that listens to the following:
• rope road washing table 100
• add rope rule fwmark 1 search 100
• ip route local add giant lo table 100
In some cases, packet forwarding must be enabled in the system:
• Reverb 1> / proc / sys / net / ipv4 / ip_forward
For more information about the Linux kernel TPROXY process, please see the Linux kernel documentation.

Server Configuration Transparent Proxy Download

The server is configured as follows:
• Listen to UDP socket on localhost
• Convert the UDP socket to transparent proxy mode
• Respond to queries made through SNMPv2c
• forward all queries to the snmpfwd client through an unencrypted trunk line connection running in client mode
SNMP Forwarder: Agent Part Configuration
Configuration Version: 2
program name: 
  • snmpfwd-server
  • snmp-credentials group {
  • snmp-motor id: 0x0102030405070809
  • snmp-community name: general
  • snmp-security-name: general
  • snmp-security model: 2
  • snmp-security level: 1

# Note: additional iptables configuration is required for transparent processing


• receive packets as well as source IP address fraud
• Directed to any IP, not even in this system
snmp-transport-options: transparent proxy

snmp-link address:

snmp-credentials-id: snmp-credentials

context group {
snmp-engine-context-ID-pattern :. *?
snmp-context-name-pattern :. *?

snmp-context-id: any content

content group {
snmp-pdu-type-pattern :. *?
snmp-pdu-oid-prefix-mold list :. *?

snmp-content-id: any content

peer group
snmp-link-address-mold list :. *?
snmp-co-address-mold list :. *?

snmp-peer-id: 100

channel group {
host address:
Body-ping time: 60
Main connection mode: client

main line ID: main line-1

routing map
matching-snmp-context-id list: any context
matching-snmp-content-id-list: any content
pairing-snmp-credentials-id list: snmp-credentials
pairing-snmp-co-id-list: 100

using-trunk-id-list: trunk-1
Download the server configuration file.
Customer configuration
The client is configured as follows:
• Listen to an unencrypted base line connection in Server mode
• Change the UDP socket that it uses to communicate with SNMP agents into a transparent proxy mode
• Insert incoming PDUs into SNMP v2c messages and forward packets to the server used by the SNMP administrator.
• the fake source address of the packets to the address of the SNMP administrator that sent the query.

  • SNMP forwarder: Manager part configuration

Configuration Version: 2
program name: snmpfwd-client

peer group
  snmp-motor id: 0x0102030405070809


  # 1 timeout 1 timeout SNMP request
  snmp-co-timeout: 100
  snmp-synonyms: 0

  snmp-community name: general
  snmp-security-name: general
  snmp-security model: 2
  snmp-security level: 1

  # Note: additional iptables configuration is required for transparent processing

  # source IP address fraud as well as receiving packets
  # redirected to any IP, not even in this system
  snmp-transport-options: transparent proxy

  IP source password to the IP of the SNMP administrator when talking to server # server
  snmp-bind-address: $ {snmp-peer}

  # Send packets to the IP that the SNMP administrator originally sent
  snmp-peer-address: $ {snmp-binding address)

  snmp-peer-id: any tool

channel group {
  main contact address:
  Body-ping time: 60
  Main connection mode: server

  trunk-id: <discover>
original-snmp-peer-info-group {
  orig-snmp-address-address pattern :. *?
  orig-snmp-context-name-pattern :. *?

  orig-snmp-pdu pattern. *?
  orig-snmp-oid-prefix-pattern :. *?

  orig-snmp-engine-id-mold :. *?
  orig-snmp-context-engine-id pattern. *?

  orig-snmp-transport-domain-layout :. *?
  orig-snmp-mold co-mail :. *?

  orig-snmp-security level-pattern :. *?

  orig-snmp-security-name-pattern :. *?
  orig-snmp-security model-model :. *?

  orig-snmp-peer-id: any admin

server classification group
  server-snmp-credentials-id-pattern :. *?
  snmp-server-context-id-model :. *?
  server-snmp-content-id-pattern :. *?
  server-snmp-peer-id-model :. *?

  Server classification ID: any classification

routing map
  matching-trunk-id-list: trunk-1
  Matching-server-classification-id-list: any classification

  using-snmp-peer-id-list: Any tool}

Download Client Configuration File in Transparent Proxy Download :

Client Configuration File
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