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What does Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold do?

The WhatsUp Gold Download to monitor a network, a management agent must communicate with and stay connected with each device connected to a network. This is the basic function of WhatsUp Gold. Provides a continuous status report on the health of all hardware connected to the network.

When you install WhatsUp Gold, you do not need to enter all of your hardware information into the console. The automatic discovery function sets them all for you. The process is based on the procedures of a system called Simple Network Management Protocol.

SNMP is a widely applied network standard. Any equipment that can connect to a network will already have the SNMP features installed on it. This means that you do not need to visit each device on your network to install the client software; because the SNMP agent is already there.

When the inventory is compiled, you can see each device, IP address, type, manufacturer, and status. The discovery processor assigns a role to every device that allows you to see at a glance which nodes are endpoints and which are network equipment.

Network Mapping

In the process of discovery make a map of your network. You can see which device is connected to which device and then more accurate status reporting. An error in a device may also cause a host to report an error. When you understand the dependence between devices, you can classify alerts and filter repetitions, so that alerts only come from source devices.

WhatsUp Gold Network Map

The states are color-coded in the network map to show which devices are in good health, which alerts are given and which are in the alarm state. WhatsUp Gold Network Monitor continues to communicate with devices on the network at regular intervals. Inventory and network map states are almost live. You don't have to do a system scan because the situations are constantly updated with SNMP procedures. Basically, it restarts the network discovery periodically.

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The status feedback collected by WhatsUp Gold varies depending on the equipment being monitored. Servers provide more detailed physical situations including CPU, memory and storage capacity and usage.

The SNMP system includes a channel for each system agent to report a warning condition to the central system controller rather than waiting for it to be asked during normal system scan. These notifications are called bildirim traps ve and WhatsUp Gold integrates them into the alert notification system.

WhatsUp Gold Alarm Center

In the monitor's settings, you can determine how the system deals with alerts. These ver action policies de instruct the monitor to notify a team member by email or SMS message. Policies let you increase or ignore specific alerts based on their source and alert type. Not all warnings need to be sent to the same person. 

Depending on the type of device that initiated the error message, you can specify who will receive the alarm. If you have support services for purchasing equipment, you can send error messages directly to the manufacturer's support team. When an alert occurs, you can automatically run processes such as logging, restarting, or initializing a script in WhatsUp Gold Download.

Wireless Network Monitoring

WhatsUp Gold's performance monitoring extends to wifi networks. The network discovery maps your wireless network hardware and monitors the endpoints connected to each. If you have a hybrid wired and wireless network, the nodes of both systems appear on a unified network map.

Cloud and Storage Monitoring

Network storage in your organization is considered a server and is therefore paired and monitored with all other servers connected to the network. Nowadays, many businesses use cloud services to achieve cloud-based applications for both storage and off-site capacity for storage and employees. The standard WhatsUp Gold package includes cloud and storage monitoring.

Servers other than Azure and AWS are shown on your network map. You can enlarge the map to view links to cloud services. You can see how the off-site services are integrated into your network, and by focusing on the performance of each server, you can see that there is a lot of useful information if you use a metered service by controlling the efficiency it produces in each of your business.

WhatsUp Gold Cloud Tracking

WhatsUp Gold offers all monitoring metrics for networks that apply to cloud services, so you can set alerts for connection delays or traffic volumes to increase visibility. You can also see the downtime of each off-site server.

If you have several sites in your business, you can integrate their networks into a single WAN and watch them all in a central location with WhatsUp Gold. Centralized network management requires distributed monitoring in the standard WhatsUp Gold package.

You will need to purchase a separate license for each site; however, you do not need to run separate instances of the monitor. If you have network personnel on remote sites, you can make performance monitor available here and transfer performance data to your central network management center. The network's central map combines the networks in each site and presents them as a single network.

Customizable Dashboard and Reporting

WhatsUp Gold has a standard dashboard and pre-written reports. The layout and design of these screens and reports are well-planned, but you don't need to adhere to them.

Create your own customized report layouts to provide specific information of interest to different interests. By making a report console available to different people in your organization, you can limit existing reports to the role of this user.

WhatsUp Gold Customizable Dashboard

Similarly, WhatsUp Gold lets you create different clipboard layouts. With this widget-based console, you can create different views of the network and assign different alerts to each user or group of users. This flexibility means that you have limited access to a panel dedicated to customers, service providers and other external parties. Custom alerts let you send network messages and schedule announcements to team members.

WhatsUp Gold Packages

All of the features listed above are available in WhatsUp Gold's lowest-level package. The standard package includes three versions: Good, Better and Best. If you have a more expensive package, you get more features.

Good package includes the features described above. In addition to these utilities, you can also purchase several add-ons. The Better package combines the Network Traffic Analysis add-in. The best package includes Network Traffic Analysis and Configuration Management plug-ins. The Ipswitch also offers a Total Plus package that contains almost all the add-ons available.

  • Network Traffic Analysis
  • Configuration management
  • Application and Web Monitoring
  • Virtualization Monitoring
  • VoIP Traffic Monitoring
  • Scalability Pollers

Whichever package you buy, an extra service is paid as an extra service delegation manager. Find out more about these plug-ins with Whatsup Gold Download.