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The SNMP or Zabbix Network Monitoring Tools is a protocol used by many different devices that connect to IP networks. You can think of it as a useful tool that allows us to gather information about your existing network environment. Since it is such a common software component and compatible with almost all network devices, many monitoring tools use a tool that allows system and network administrators to see clearly what is happening in real time.

Some elements that require monitoring are server usage statistics such as CPU usage, RAM usage, Hard Disk Space, network traffic on LAN interfaces, and other critical information about your server infrastructure. If your environment is full of dozens or even hundreds of servers, SNMP allows your applications to read this data when they are available;

SNMP also provides similar statistics about network hardware, such as firewalls, routers, and managed switches, and can even transmit supply level information from office equipment such as network-level copiers and printers. Today we will look at 10 such monitoring tools and see what the main differences are. This will help you decide when you want to get a new software package for your environment and hopefully help you avoid selecting a software package that doesn't do what you need.


Zabbix is ​​one of the many Open Source SNMP-based network monitors currently on the market and comes with some good features. It can automatically detect problems on your network and is very flexible in defining what can be monitored and what can be ignored. The system has a severity scale that warns your IT team about how serious a problem is, and there is a root cause analysis after actual reviews with Zabbix Network Monitoring Tools.

There is also a trend prediction feature that allows your employees to make an estimate based on previous events about how stable your network will be in the coming weeks and months. Zabbix can monitor network bandwidth usage, packet loss, interface errors, server CPU and memory usage, and router information such as total network efficiency.

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Zabbix Network Monitoring 
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Other network health issues that Zabbix can detect include connection errors, current system status, device temperatures, power supply measurements, free disk space, fan operation, and more. Zabbix offers support from the box for all popular vendors, and these parameters can be adjusted and adjusted to suit your needs.

Using multiple technologies, such as Zabbix, SNMP, and IPMI, it can collect vital network information in your environment. IPV6 support is also available for environments that have already adopted the standard. Since this product is open source, it is free to download and use, although you have to pay someone for support if you encounter any problems.

Features Zabbix

  • Integrated 3rd party software
  • Unlimited Scalability
  • High availability
  • Task Automation
  • Optimized for high performance
  • Safe
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