Cloud Based Monitoring Tools

Cloud-Based Monitoring with PRTG

Cloud Based Monitoring Tools offers on demand and cloud! I decided to provide their new solution and connect it to my lab environment. Dive into this article to learn more. As mentioned, bidding on request is still in the public beta so it is still under development. With this offer, it no longer requires a PRTG installation in place and can start monitoring infrastructure in a few minutes.

The following features come with PRTG On-Demand:

  • Almost instant placement (I mine and operate in less than 5 minutes)
  • There is no need for a monitoring system in place
  • Automatic fluctuation based on the number of systems you want to monitor (sensor)
  • No initial investment is needed (just consume the number of sensors you need)
  • Automatic updates


To run and run PRTG on request, you must follow these three steps:

  • Create an account on PRTG On-Demand.
  • Deploy remote investigations that connect your internal infrastructure with the On-Demand PRTG service.
  • Manage monitoring by adding devices and sensors.

Remote probes should be used in Windows Server 2012 R2 and installation packages can be taken from the PRTG On-Demand web interface, as shown in the next paragraph around Settings.

Initial Setup and Configuration

This paragraph explains how to set up PRTG On-Demand and starts monitoring the first system in infrastructure. First of all, you will need an account for a trial Based on the PRTG Request. Please go to this link and create a new account in Cloud Based Monitoring Tools. 

See the screenshot below for reference. The domain name you choose will be used to access the PRTG web interface. After the subscription, the deployment process will begin at the end of Paessler and will change from ongoing (first screenshot below) to completion (second screenshot below).

Remote Probe Settings

The next step is to connect PRTG On-Demand with your environment. This requires you to use the "Remote Probe" called. This is software that must be used on a Windows Server 2012 R2 system in your environment. From this system, all monitoring data will be forwarded to PRTG. So make sure this system can access all the systems you want to monitor.

If you have a complex network, you might need several remote probes to gain access to all systems. To set up a remote investigation, navigate to Setup and click Remote Probe Installer (right side under Downloads and Optional Tools in the screenshot below).

Download PRTG Monitoring Tools

PRTG Monitoring Tools
Free Driver

The following page will appear and display the download button at the bottom. The software must be downloaded and needs to be placed and installed on the remote investigation system that you point to. If the connection fails, make sure port 23560 (TCP) is open from the remote probe system to the PRTG domain name. 

After the remote probe has finished installing, you must get a notification such as the screenshot below in Cloud Based Monitoring Tools , displaying the name of the system where you installed the probe. Once your remote probe is ready, now you can start monitoring your system. I will not specify here, but in the example below you can see that I have added a new system (my vCenter server) and include sensors for host hardware and VM health.

First System

All groups and devices that you place under the remote probe system (BU01 in my case) will be monitored by that probe. In cases where multiple probes are remote, make sure the device is under the correct (based on connectivity). That is all! I think it's very easy to start working with PRTG and enjoy all the features in a way that can be scaled. 

Especially if you've never tried PRTG before and don't want to improve the system in place, just create an account and use a long distance investigation somewhere. To conclude this article, I would like to refer to the following other writings that I have published about PRTG if I want to learn more about the Cloud Based Monitoring Tools function:

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