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Intermapper Download is a cross platform program, network monitoring, and network mapping for Mac, Linux, and Windows. This is produced by HelpSystems. The Intermapper version currently comes with a variety of probes in the network based on ping, SNMP, http and other network protocols used to monitor the state of devices and network servers. This displays the status of the device monitored on the map or list.

For example, software can monitor the internal state of Apple Inc. Xserves like fan speed and CPU temperature remotely using a probe to ask for the server. Intermapper can also find network devices by investigating networks, building device maps found on each network segment starting from one IP address.

Intermapper also supports alarms for devices that are lost from the network or that are in a warning condition, and can send alerts via email, pagers, console warnings, or execution scripts.] This software can be configured to display graphs of performance data stored at variable intervals to show trend. Intermapper can export data for use with Google Earth in showing network infrastructure on maps, and when providing web services to display network status and maps with Intermapper Download.

You get the same core features that we offer at our company's Intermapper products:
• Comprehensive monitoring for 10 devices with IP addresses
• Mapping of Layer 2/3 networks automatically
• Real-time performance warnings
• Free probe to monitor all elements of your device
• Remote network monitoring for your IT team
• Unlimited map configuration options


The InterMapper efficient low-bandwidth polling engine can measure to test thousands of devices, provide a real-time glimpse of your network. Monitor your device, interface, services, applications, connections and traffic patterns from anywhere in the world and on any mobile device. InterMapper offers detailed information that you need to solve performance problems and improve the health of your network with Intermapper Download.

Real-Time Monitoring

InterMapper's real-time monitoring capabilities help identify hardware, software, or traffic problems on your network. Perform real-world system testing or polls to see your current network status. InterMapper also works with virtualized or cloud-based environments.

Smart Warning

Smart alert features that can be configured from InterMapper offer, multi-level notifications for alerts, alarms, critical conditions, and up / down. Send alerts to e-mail, cellphone (text / SMS), audible alerts, pagers, and run scripts. You choose the problem you need to adjust and threshold settings for the device level or interface to minimize background noise.

Download Intermapper 

Intermapper Download
Free Driver

Integration with AutoMate business process automation software on the Windows platform allows you to set certain tools to trigger commands in AutoMate. After InterMapper doesn't know you about a critical problem, AutoMate then performs a predetermined response to prevent critical device failure.

Map Your Network

Intermapper maps your network topology, giving you a direct view of what is happening on your network. Color code status tells you what happened and what went down. A variety of map layout options and icon options help to turn on your unique IT environment.

Maximize Uptime

When there is a problem, Intermapper sends you real-time alerts via text, email, voice and more. You will be able to find and correct technological problems before users or customers are affected. Find distributed problems in your environment in seconds (not hours). You and your IT team will save time, reduce frustration, and make customers and users happy with Intermapper Download.