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Java Performance Monitoring

One of the Java Application Monitoring Tools Open Source for any is performance. We want to make sure users get the best experience they can, and to know that our application is active and running. That's the reason for at least one monitoring tool.

If you are looking for something a little different in the performance monitoring market, one option you can choose is an open source tool. In the following post we have collected several open source APM tools available today as an alternative to the paid tool, so that you will be able to see if it's the right choice.

Going Open Source

The APM market is a bustling market. Have big and famous names like New Relic, AppDynamics (see this post for an overview of them), along with Dynatrace (which we compared in the previous post), along with some smaller or less known tools. Because there are so many players in this game, and they all know the value of Java Application Monitoring Tools Open Sources, they store their own code.

However, there are alternatives on the market: open source tools. These tools present good options if you are interested in easy ways to get visibility for applications in production, and if you want to know how the actual code is monitored. There are several main APM tools in the open source community too, each with its own offerings and possibilities. If you are interested and want to know exactly what Java Application Monitoring Tools Open Source is saving for, we have discussed the top tools available.


Stagemonitor offers a Java monitoring agent, which is built taking into account clustered application stacks. Means it aims to monitor applications that run on a number of servers. This tool is integrated with the time series database (TSDB). This tool is optimized to handle time series data, along with an array of numbers indexed by time. This database includes Elasticsearch, Graphite and InfluxDB with Java Application Monitoring Tools Open Source.

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How does it Work?

Stagemonitor includes agents that sit in Java applications, send metrics and trace requests to a central database. This tool only requires one instance to monitor all applications, instances, and hosts and can be used within the data center itself. On the monitoring side know historical data or directly from a cluster, or directly from the developer's server, create custom alerts and determine the threshold for each metric.

Stagemonitor includes a dashboard, so it can visualize and analyze various metrics and requests that are of interest. Create special dashboards, write special plugins, or even use third party plugins. It offers widgets in the browser without the necessary backend that is automatically injected into the monitored webpage. See the demo directly at the following Java Application Monitoring Tools Open Source
In official documentation, Stagemonitor states that it offers support for non-servlet-based applications, and can check the full requirements here. In essence, if you are familiar with the ELK stack, it's worth trying for a quick trial in Java Application Monitoring Tools Open Source.

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