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Monitoring VoIP using Cisco IP SLA

Analytic & VoIP monitoring tools helps monitor voice calls in the VoIP system for call usage tracking and performance analysis. An efficient VoIP monitoring tool can help you visualize and determine call problems across the network. Monitor your VoIP performance along with specific bandwidth and traffic consumption. Troubleshoot packet loss, latency, and jitter, among other factors in the VoIP system.

Worried about the quality of poor VoIP calls Want to add more VoIP channels but don't understand how your network will handle additional traffic. Make sure there are no complaints about the quality of VoIP calls with the OpManager VoIP Monitor Tool.

The VoIP monitor add-on brings together network errors and OpManager performance management functionality, Quality monitoring. VoIP services utilize Cisco IP SLA technology and analysis of granular network traffic from the Netflow add-on to give you a complete end-to-end VoIP network management solution. 

The OpManager VoIP Monitor Tool Helps :

  • Proactively monitor VoIP Performance
  • Monitor the quality of VoIP throughout the WAN infrastructure
  • Easily solve poor VoIP performance problems
  • Sources & Objectives performance report
  • Get extensive VoIP performance reports
  • Automatically configure Cisco IP SLA with VoIP monitoring

Additional new Monitoring VoIP Tools management for OpManager provides a clean and centralized monitoring center for your VoIP network. Being able to always see top call statistics allows you to quickly identify possible problems. Another key feature is the report section where historical data can be used to view performance trends.

VoIP Monitor Feature

VoIP monitors are integrated with OpManager to proactively monitor and report on the capacity of the WAN infrastructure to handle VoIP calls. Using a Cisco IP Service Level Agreement (SLA), OpManager continues to measure the parameters of critical service quality (QoS) VoIP services to provide insight into the performance of VoIP networks. The measured VoIP quality metrics include packet loss, delay, jitter, Average Opinion Score (MOS) and Round Trip Time (RTT).

Monitor The Quality of VoIP Throughout the WAN Infrastructure

Because cloud is a medium of communication, the endpoint of VoIP calls never gets special end-to-end lines such as traditional circuit-switched networks. This can bring nightmares to network personnel who maintain the quality of Monitoring VoIP Tools calls. 

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They need a sustainable network health status not only their own WAN, but also those outside the WAN office, through an ISP network. Based on Cisco IPSLA technology that is present in a large number of network devices, VoIP Monitors provide in-depth QoS visibility of call lines in the WAN and also for calls between corporate users and other users in the ISP network.

Easily Solve Poor VoIP Performance Problems

Does large packet loss occur during hours of high bandwidth usage? Which user or type of traffic consumes the most bandwidth? The OpManager VoIP Monitor has deep NetFlow traffic reports that are put together with VoIP QoS trend charts to help solve VoIP performance problems quickly.

The originator of the call can be in the company WAN and the party called can be placed outside on the ISP network, or vice versa. The VoIP monitoring tool provides Source-to-Destination and Destination-to-Source statistics on Loss Package, Delay and Jitter values. You can now easily find out which side of the call is facing poor Monitoring VoIP Tools quality and why.

Extensive VoIP Performance Report

Reports for call traffic that occurred a few days ago along with interface errors & utilization reports helped in network resource capacity trends, analysis & planning. Dashboard views directly from the Top 10 call path reports by MOS, Missing Packages, Anxiety, Latency, Maximum SLA Violations and Maximum RTT ensure that you know the possible problem areas. 

Automatically Configure Cisco IP SLA

The OpManager VoIP Monitor automatically enables Cisco IP SLA in the selected source router. VoIP templates allow you to easily simulate different traffic loads so you can analyze the performance of VoIP services through various VoIP traffic loads. All threshold settings for warnings and alarms can also be adjusted for effective Monitoring VoIP Tool sperformance management.

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