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The Best Free Network Monitoring Tool 

Without Network Monitoring Software Free, which are found in reactive IT departments. Will it be at the forefront of the problem or run behind it? Network monitoring, every IT department must have it. If people can't save their files again, it's too late. And what about switching disks because they run out of memory? This kind of scenario occurs in every IT environment and can be easily prevented by a good monitoring solution. And if you don't have a budget for that, free network monitoring tools will be fine.

Also for smaller networks, it makes sense to install a lightweight and free network monitoring tool. At home it doesn't work continuously with the network, so why not with a little monitoring solution that will remind you when something isn't working? With network monitoring tools, get insight into networks, historical data that you can use when you need to update hardware and the opportunity to get maximum performance from resources with Network Monitoring Software Free.

Use Network Monitoring Tools

In my 15 years as SysAdmin, I always used network monitoring tools. If there is no budget for network monitoring tools, then I use one of the open source tools. But what I don't want is blind, because that's what it does without monitoring tools. Because to be honest, do you check memory usage, disk space, system load, if the service runs manually every day? If so, it certainly must have a lot of free time left.

Monitoring tools make it possible to be at the forefront of problems and use resources optimally. If you have a Citrix server cluster or service, then if you want to ensure that the load is spread evenly and that there are enough resources available for each growth in the coming months. And not only the server requires attention, bandwidth usage, switch load, router status, ping time, all important information needed to get maximum performance from the network.

Also when it comes to buying a new server or network equipment, data collected over many years will provide valuable insight into network growth. This helps in ensuring the disk is large enough and has enough resources for 5 years.

Select Monitoring Tools

There are many monitoring tools available, free or paid. So how will you choose the right tool for the network? To help narrow down the list here are some criteria that you might want to compare different tools at:

  • OS - Some tools only run on Windows or Linux.
  • Automatic discovery - To make installation much faster, some tools provide automatic discovery options. They scan the network for devices that can be monitored. This will save a lot of time in setting up a monitoring system.
  • Warning - Do you want to receive SMS or just an email?
  • Dashboard - I like a good dashboard on the wall so I can see important details in an instant.
  • Reports - Do you need reports that can be sent to be managed?
  • Cloud - Running monitoring on the spot or in the cloud?
  • Support - Some tools offer paid support or are included in the license fee. In this blog post, we will see some of the Network Monitoring Software Free.

Download Network Monitoring Nagios 

SNMP Nagios Microsoft
Free Driver

Nagios Core

Nagios is one of the oldest free network monitoring solutions available. The first version of Nagios Core was released in 1999 and was named NetSaint but was renamed Nagios in 2002. Nagios is one of the most widely used open source monitoring tools, used to monitor servers and Network Monitoring Software Free.

I have used Nagios in the past and this is a great product, but with a very steep learning curve. Spend a lot of time running it and managing all configurations. Plugins for Nagios can make it easier, but by default, all configurations are done through text files. That, in combination with an outdated web interface, scares many new users. The first time I started with Nagios I gave up after a few days (but it was 10 years ago).

But if you draw and get to know the system, you will see the enormous potential and strength of Nagios. If you want to start with Nagios, I recommend checking the Adagjos web-interface plugin for Nagios. This allows doing many configurations through the web interface. There is also a large community behind Nagios Core, with lots of plugins, so if you have questions or look for something specific, then maybe there will be a plugin for Network Monitoring Software Free.