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Network Traffic Monitoring Tools with ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is a web-based tool used by more than 4000 companies and used by more than 4000 companies to analyze NetFlow exports from Cisco routers and to provide in-depth information including traffic density, top speakers, bandwidth consumption and high uptime . The information provided by NetFlow Analyzer helps IT with the following tasks:

Identifying the Best Speakers and Conversations on the Network: Determine which users and applications are using the maximum bandwidth, and see the details of the conversation. Learn more about bandwidth monitoring Track and reflect Traffic Trends and Usage Models: View network traffic trends and determine best practices and peak usage times. Learn more about analyzing Network Traffic Monitoring Tools.

Specifying Specific Traffic Monitoring Applications: Use a combination of ports and protocols to identify unlimited applications, and only recognize them in the traffic reports. Talk about some IP addresses to map applications. Department-based Bandwidth Monitoring Per Department: Set up departments based on IP addresses and determine bandwidth usage and application usage for each department.

Manage Devices Specially: Classify devices and group data into logical groups and track traffic reports only for groups. Improved accounting: Improve accounting for resource use with real-time bandwidth and network usage statistics. Read more about invoice / accounting Site-to-site traffic monitoring - Allows monitoring of traffic between two specific sites based on IP Addresses or IP Networks. This feature helps you understand the behavior of network traffic between two user-defined sites.

Network Traffic Monitoring 

Traditional Network traffic monitors monitor using hardware probes or packet analyzers to provide detailed and detailed information about network traffic. However, the probe hardware requires complex deployment procedures and usually does not consider IPsec traffic. Package analyzers are filled with results that do not provide a direct perspective on application-specific network traffic. As a result, IT departments face increasing problem-solving cycles and take a long time to make important decisions that affect the network.

With today's Cisco (and other streams from other vendors), NetFlow innovations require less time and effort to monitor network traffic and deliver greater benefits for the company. NetFlow enables traffic monitoring by continuously collecting detailed information about IP traffic, without affecting device performance or increasing costs. ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer, which uses this exported NetFlow data, provides the visibility that network administrators / administrators need to understand the WAN with Network Traffic Monitoring Tools. 

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Network Traffic Monitoring 
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Equipped with powerful instant reports about the best speakers, conversations, and more, NetFlow Analyzer tells IT what they need to know to solve problems or make informed capacity planning decisions. NetFlow Analyzer is a web-based tool that analyzes NetFlow exports from Cisco routers to monitor network traffic metrics, including traffic volume, traffic speed, packets, best speakers, bandwidth usage, and high uptime. 

There are several reports available from NetFlow Analyzer. Easy to use and start to work. It can install NetFlow Analyzer on Windows or Linux machines and use a web browser to access the client interface. After installing, set the Cisco routers / switches to export NetFlow data to NetFlow Analyzer. 

Traffic graphs are drawn in a few minutes and reports are automatically generated by NetFlow Analyzer and are all ready to monitor traffic on the network. Users can browse through the interface to see information about traffic, applications, resources, targets, conversations, DSCP and QoS traffic. With NetFlow Analyzer you can monitor traffic and more. 

NetFlow Analyzer is an aggregator and analysis engine for NetFlow, sFlow, JFLow (and many more). The NetFlow analyzer does not require a hardware probe and can be downloaded, used in a network environment and evaluated for 30 days. To better understand how NetFlow Analyzer can support and monitor network traffic and bandwidth usage, open the following useful link.Monitoring traffic on the network and the graphical interface on all information is what I like best about NetFlow Analyzer in Network Traffic Monitoring Tools.