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Whether Paessler PRTG Download are a small business owner, have a very complicated personal IT setting, or just launch your own startup - now you have the possibility to professionally. Monitor networks, devices, in virtual components, and your application for free. Allows every IT fan to install an entry license from our benchmark monitoring software for free (the previous price was 330 EUR / 440 USD) and without limitation is a bold step, we are happy to take it. Always know what is happening on your network, Beware as soon as something is out of the ordinary, use our free mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Access useful support information such as, for example, the Paessler Knowledge Base, comprehensive video tutorials, and most importantly, feel safe by knowing your business relevant IT processes are already running. With this blog article I not only want to let you know the good news about PRTG offers for free, I also want to share our reasons behind it, and provide an interesting usage scenario that helps you immediately set up your own monitoring immediately.

What are the Reasons for this Step?

As CEO of Paessler and the person who started PRTG programming almost 12 years ago, I clearly believe in the value that PRTG can offer for every single system administrator out there. Today almost everything is connected, and this trend will increase in the future. I don't need to talk about the Internet of Things, but the IT and cloud infrastructure that continues to grow in companies that will make admin more important for business performance.

It is very important for computers and networks to be able to work without failure at any time. Our goal is to allow admins to achieve 100% uptime - even if they are responsible for a small business network with a limited budget, or if they are working on a research or programming project and do not have the necessary funds. Isn't it better to live in a world where network failure is eliminated due to proactive monitoring with Paessler PRTG Download.

Monitor the Sensor PRTG Network for Free Forever

PRTG allows you to create comprehensive monitoring solutions with all available features such as, for example, bandwidth monitoring, application monitoring, or virtualization monitoring as well as SMEs and large companies use as the basis of their IT to guarantee uptime and business performance. When I submit ideas to our team, everyone from software development to marketing is very enthusiastic, because the strongest argument that supports PRTG is the quality of the software itself.

Download Paessler PRTG

Paessler PRTG 
Free Driver

This is a mutually beneficial situation: Admins around the world can take advantage of our complete monitoring solution for free and we at Paessler can expand the installed base. That's why we now provide 100 sensor licenses for everyone, for example, small business owners, beginners and personal users. And if your business grows, you don't need to change your monitoring solution to just upgrade to one of our commercial licenses with more sensors. If you currently use the commercial version of the PRTG 100 and have questions about how this can affect your license, don't hesitate to contact us  Paessler PRTG Download.

How to Enter Free PRTG?

The free PRTG version only has one limitation: 100 sensors, which is enough to monitor around 20 servers and devices. It only offers all the features of the previous PRTG 100 commercial license, but it's free. As simple as that. You will be able to use all features, remote probes, constant updates for the latest PRTG versions, and all public support tools such as FAQs, manuals, Paessler Knowledge Base, and video tutorials. And there's even better news: During the first 30 days you can try PRTG with unlimited sensors. After this period ends, you will be able to continue to use 100 free sensors forever. This is a complete agreement - only free.

If you like working with PRTG and think of it as your IT enrichment, we are happy if you share your experience with your colleagues and friends, or post brief reviews online - but most importantly: Start monitoring and create a base for 100% active time on the network You. Stay here for my next blog article about what you can monitor with PRTG. I will show you a special monitoring scenario, which will improve the way you see your IT with Paessler PRTG Download.