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PDU Defined

What is PDU Download ? Before studying the definition of a PDU, there are acronyms that must be overcome. It stands for Professional Development Unit. That's just a fancy way of saying it is a way to measure professional development. PDU is a way to keep certification relevant. Certified in any discipline means following changes in that field. Getting a PDU is a way to show prospective employers or clients that they are following developments in the field of work and that certification does not collect dust on a wall somewhere.

What is Certification

Before having a PDU Download, it is necessary to have education or certification in project management first. There are many different certifications offered to professional project managers.
  • CAPM: Abbreviation of Certified Associates in Project Management. This is managed by PMI and is considered the first step in the journey of certification.

  • PMP: Also managed by PMI, Project Management Professionals are more involved tests of project manager qualifications, which are based on the PMI Project Management Knowledge Body (PMBOK).

  • CPMP: There is no experience required to take a Certified Project Management Practitioner exam, unlike CAPM and PMP. It is recommended for project managers who want to add value to their expertise.

  • MPM: The Master Project Manager is a worldwide certification offered by the American Academy of Project Managers (AAPM). Scrum Master Certified: Part of the way Agile works, which starts in software development, Scrum Masters works best with small teams in short "sprints".

  • PRINCE2: Projects in a Controlled Environment are developed in the UK and are certified in Europe.

  • PMIT: Project Management in IT Security, as the name implies, exclusively for managing IT security projects.

How do you produce a PDU?

There are many ways to get a PDU. Here are some ways you can take to stay relevant. If certified in project management, we offer free PM training that can help get a PDU Download. Whether looking for certification, curious about project management or working to get more continuing education credit, our free training videos are a useful resource.

Giving Back to Industry

By sharing the knowledge that gets as a manager, it can offer those skills and experience to help others emerge in the industry. For example, can work as a practitioner in a trained discipline. can create content that describes new knowledge and resources for other professionals and the public. Tell what is known at conferences or similar professional settings. You can even volunteer services outside the company and client base.

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Plan a PDU

The last thing to do after getting a certification is to wait until the last minute to get the PDU credit so that the certification remains valid. For example, if a PMP has to get 60 PDUs every three years to maintain good reputation certification. It's impossible to cram it at the last minute with PDU Download.

To avoid suspending credentials, it wants to approach the PDU process as well as other projects: by planning. First, understand the various categories of PDU, as we have discussed. It must be clear about what the ongoing certification requirements (CCR) are before you can start planning to achieve them. Once familiar with the CCR, then set your own goals. How many PDUs do you want to get in this category for a year?

Now, arrange it. What is the frequency of PDU activities that can be followed? What is the best way to meet PDU goals? Maybe the course, if you need discipline to force you to attend, or it could be a local PMI meeting for a more casual approach. This can be as simple as setting the time to watch online training videos. This activity is often accompanied by a price tag, but not always, so financial investment is another variable that must be considered.

After preparing the plan, do it as you would any project and automatically notify it to stay on track. Can do this on mobile or with project management tools that you already use. Make it easy. The notification warns you not to get lost in ether. Some organizations offering PDU Download have the instruments to do this, if that is what they want.

To track progress, report the PDU when you get it from the certification body. Most websites will be set to make this as simple as possible. And don't forget to submit a credential update. Again, just like a project, it hasn't ended until the document is signed, sent, and archived in the PDU Download.