Performance Monitoring Tools

Performance Monitoring Tools

Not all experience of performance monitoring tools for users is the same, everyone can have good and bad, even when using the same website or mobile application. Meanwhile, code developers and releasing new features think users don't complain, and everything is fine (when not).

When was the last time you sent a report for a software error? Many customers will not take the time to create support tickets when they experience slow loading landing pages, they will only close your browser and leave. Fortunately, this useless interaction can be prevented from using the Application Performance Monitoring tool.

Why do you Need an Application Performance Monitoring Tools

Part of the problem is that various systems in operation, browser, connection speed, device, and location mean that a number of combinations can interact with the application. Performance monitoring tools like Raygun help you find performance problems.

Performance Monitoring Tools Raygun

Raygun gives your development team a unique view of how users experience your software application. Especially, Raygun focuses on errors, glitches, and performance problems that users encounter. One of the most time-saving features is a grouping of smart errors, which collects errors under one root cause so you won't be flooded with notifications.

To help isolate and diagnose performance problems, page performance disruptions can be seen for each user session to see which specific assets are causing the slow loading of pages or the appearance of mobile applications. Performance monitoring tools such as Raygun's Real User Monitoring help you find performance problems.

Another time-saving feature from Raygun is the ability to identify authenticated users, so you get a view of which users are having problems, and to what extent. It's great to bring up VIP or Company customers who have a bad user experience. This works by allowing developers to search for specific email addresses to generate user profiles. A unique profile will have a list of any errors or damage experienced by users, what browser they are using, and all the devices they use to access your application.

The placement tracking feature is also useful for raising issues with releases. When you release an update or a new version, Raygun can identify problems that were introduced, resolved or corrected in each version. It's neat enough to immediately see a bad release before they get into the hands of your customers.

Although functionality differs from those provided by tools such as Google Analytics, Raygun also incorporates several high-level analyzes including which locations experience the fastest loading time and the slowest.

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Main Feature

  • Full text search and filtering
  • Track many applications using any language and framework
  • Error, damage, and performance tracking on one platform
  • End users without limits
  • Discover important bugs
  • Add comments and mention team members about the problem
  • Version tracking / deployment
  • Attach tags, special data objects, and user data
  • JavaScript source map
  • Automatic error reporting
  • Unlimited integration that takes several minutes
  • Grouping smart mistakes
  • Notification of errors via email, Slack, HipChat etc.
  • Full stack trail

Performance monitoring tools like Raygun help you find performance problems with Performance Monitoring Tools.