Process Monitoring Tools

Process Monitoring

Process Monitoring Tools system resources (CPU utilization, memory utilization, temperature, etc.) And having warning settings that will be notified about unhealthy utilization rates cannot fully help ensure optimal server or application performance. To fully understand the source of the burden on system resources, people also need to know about the performance of each important process related to the application or service running on the server.

The OpManager process monitoring feature allows administrators to monitor and manage processes remotely running on found devices. OpManager monitors through SNMP / WMI / CLI, processes running on Windows, Linux, Solaris, Unix, HP UX, IBM AIX, ESX VMware servers.

Easy and fast monitor process configuration

The 'Process Template' allows one to easily find, manage, and set thresholds on multiple servers, from one window. Options for configuring individual process thresholds are also provided from the device snapshot page. The assigned process monitor provides a direct overview of process status, CPU, and memory utilization, with the number of instances of each Process Monitoring Tools.

Remote Process Monitoring and Diagnostics

Situations such as unexpected CPU surges or memory leaks will require immediate diagnosis and troubleshooting. Remote process diagnosis OpManager allows administrators to view the top 10 processes with CPU or Memory usage and also provides the ability to stop processes that cause problems remotely to save the server from interference.

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Monitoring Tools
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Warnings, Notifications, Actions and Reporting

The OpManager error management module has the ability to trigger an alert (Email or SMS) or notify the technician (Web alarm or Ticket record) when a certain process exceeds the set threshold point. In addition to this proactive monitoring function, OpManager has the option to run any batch script or file to resolve unexpected network anomalies, eg restart certain services / servers, when a process exceeds the specified upper limit. All processes of monitored data are also stored for graphical, trend and reporting purposes in Process Monitoring Tools.

Highlight features:

  • Complete discovery and list of processes running on the device found
  • Register with Process ID, Process Name, Process Path and Process Argument
  • Monitoring customization to identify several processes that have different paths or arguments and the same process name
  • The parameters monitored include CPU utilization, memory utilization, and number of process instances
  • Individual thresholds for parameters are monitored
  • Advanced error management - email, SMS, web alarm, ticket recording, self-healing scripts, running programs
  • Report on process trends for Today, Yesterday, last 7 days, last 30 days or special time periods
  • Process template for associating processes with multiple devices
  • Remotely stopped the offending process

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