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PRTG Sensor Download Factory are powerful tools that allow monitoring of all business processes involving several components. Can set one or more channels that combine monitoring results from sensors or other devices. make your own individual sensors with channels based on data from sensors or other devices.

Show a single channel from one or more sensors in one graph. Use data from one channel from one or more sensors to calculate new values ​​(for example, when you can reduce, multiply, and divide). Create graphs with data from other sensor channels and add horizontal lines to certain vertical positions.

The factory Icon-i-round Sensor Sensor does not show values ​​in the Downtime channel because they cannot be calculated for this sensor type. Icon-i-round If you only want to make sensor status accumulate based on certain source sensors, you should use a Business Process sensor instead. Which channel the sensor actually displays may depend on the device being monitored and the PRTG Sensor Download  settings. 

This sensor type does not officially support more than 50 channels. Make sure the sensor scan interval is equal to or greater than the source sensor scanning interval to avoid incorrect sensor behavior. For example, an "no data" message or an erratic change in sensor status can be caused by an invalid scanning interval.

Knowledge Base

How can I monitor the status of the entire process in the "Email" business?

Factory sensors sensors may not function with flow sensors. This type of sensor uses an active flow timeout, these are, NetFlow and jFlow sensors, not supported by Sensor Factory sensors. Reports cannot display uptime or downtime data for this type of sensor. This type of sensor can have a major impact on the performance of the monitoring system. Please use it carefully! We recommend using no more than 50 sensors of this type of sensor per PRTG installation.

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Limited to 50 Sensor Channels

Icon-i-blue PRTG does not officially support more than 50 sensor channels. Depending on the data used with this type of sensor, it may exceed the maximum number of sensor channels supported. In this case, PRTG will always try to display all channels in the sensor. However, please note that there will be limited usability and performance with PRTG Sensor Download .

Add Sensor

The Add Sensor dialog appears when manually adding a new sensor to the device. It only shows the setting fields needed to make the sensor. Therefore, it will not see all settings fields in this dialog. Change (almost) all settings in the Sensor settings tab later.

On the sensor details page, click the Settings tab to change the settings. Icon-i-round Usually, a sensor is connected to the IP Address or DNS Name of the parent device where this sensor is created. For some types of sensors, you can specify monitoring targets explicitly in the PRTG Sensor Download  settings.