Remote PDU Software

PDU Remote Power Control

The smart Raritan Remote PDU Software allows you to control power for a single PDU or group of PDUs, up to each outlet. Unlike basic PDUs, you don't need to be physically present at the facility. Instead, you can turn on or turn off your iPhone manually or programmed. The PDU's remote power switching provides several key advantages for data centers and organizations.

Increased Energy Savings

In the production environment, it must always be on a server and network switch. They are rarely turned off except for routine maintenance. However, in a laboratory or testing environment, there is rarely a server that can be turned on at any time. By using remote power control PDUs, organizations can see huge savings on their next energy bill by only turning off when servers and equipment are not needed. Turning off can be done manually by setting the program at a predetermined time interval.

Prevent Unauthorized Access and Problem Solving

Depending on the formal process of your data center, it might be wise to turn off outlets to prevent unauthorized access, ensure proper supply, and avoid interrupted circuit breakers. Incredibly, you can use remote power to reboot without having to set foot in the facility. This provides greater operational efficiency and significant cost savings for the organization Remote PDU Software.

User Configurable Power on Sequencing

A sophisticated sequencing outlet can power the equipment with a single outlet group or outlet to minimize the circuit breaker trip from the fast inflow. Organizations can maximize working time when turning on circuits and shelves full of equipment, thus preventing cascading failures, some conditions, or even all facilities.
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Remote PDU Software
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USB Configuration for Smart PDU

Most PX Raritan intelligent PDU models can be configured via USB. By using one or more USB Flash drives, one user can configure hundreds of mounting strips on the shelf in a few hours. This method can be used to set IP addresses, change time settings, assign unique names, activate SNMP, and more.

USB PDU Configuration is fast, Easy and can be Scaled

The Raritan power strip will react to the Flash drive by first verifying permission. Then we will reconfigure themselves with good global and individual settings.. This whole process is about twenty seconds. So by using multiple flash drives, you can and move from row to row, quickly and efficiently configuring all Remote PDU Software.

Dangerous Non-USB PDU Configuration

Most network equipment is configured by connecting a laptop to each device and adding settings via the CLI or web browser. This method is good for a small number of PDUs, but is complicated when configuring dozens of PDUs. DCHP is another option for configuring PDUs (which Raritan supports, actually). However, in real-world settings, mass configuration using DCHP can be error prone. In addition, network infrastructure is usually not available at the initial stage of new development.

USB Configuration Saves Time and Money

Several years ago a Raritan client deployed and configured their intelligent PDU in two different stages. For the first stage, they chose to configure their PDUs through traditional methods of connecting to each device and configuring through the CLI. For the second stage they chose to use the USB configuration method with Remote PDU Software.