SNMP Manager Software

What is SNMP Manager

SNMP Manager Software is the foundation of every management infrastructure. Management consists of maintaining the network and the system, maintaining performance, controlling and managing usage. The SNMP administrator provides an interface between human network administrators and managed systems or network infrastructure
The SNMP architecture consists of an SNMP administrator, an SNMP agent, a management information database (MIB), a managed object, and the Simple Network Management Protocol network protocol itself. An SNMP agent is a piece of software on a managed device that provides an interface between the SNMP administrator and physical devices or managed software applications. 

The MIB database functions as a local data store in the snmp manager used to collect and interpret the variables that are sent in SNMP messages. The LoriotPro software is a snmp manager component of the administrator / agent model specified in the RFC1157 Internet standard. As a snmp manager, LoriotPro includes the following fields, mib object management, snmp request structure, collection and maintenance of snmp responses, data processing and representation.

SNMP Manager Selects Networks and Systems

The main role of the SNMP administrator is to poll the end stations or devices and their SNMP agents to check the values ​​of certain variables defined in the MIB. Surveys can be automated or initiated by users, but snmp agents on managed devices respond to all polls SNMP Manager Software.

The SNMP Agent Notifies the Manager of the SNMP Administrator of the SNMP

Managed devices, such as computer systems and other network devices, allow snmp agents to send a warning called snmp trap when they recognize a problem, for example when one or more user-defined threshold values ​​are exceeded. After you receive this warning, the SNMP manager, administrator notifications, event log, system shutdown and so on. Can be set to react by performing one or more actions included the SNMP Manager Software.

A full-featured SNMP Manager is a free application created for PowerSNMP for .NET, PowerTCP Socket for .NET and PowerTCP Mail for .NET. Request and monitor SNMP Agent variable values, capture monitors, host ping networks, and configure alerts with optional e-mail notifications. Perfect for light to moderate management tasks.


  • • Very simple, easy to use, drag and drop from the interface
  • • Request and monitor agent variables
  • • Monitoring SNMP traps
  • • Loading MIB
  • • Supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2 and SNMPv3
  • • Ping and monitoring of network hosts

Download SNMP Manager Software

SNMP Manager
Free Driver

Create automatic email notifications when variables are out of range, generic / specific traps are taken, or ping times are full
PowerSNMP Darts, PowerTCP Socket and PowerTCP Mail for products. Totally free! You are free to use this customer application without limits.
There is no time limit or feature. LoriotPro uses SNMP as well as other Internet protocols to monitor its networks and systems with SNMP Manager Software.