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SNMP Version Download has gone through several revisions to improve performance and security (versions 1, 2c and 3). By default, this is a UDP-based protocol where communication is based on the 'shoot and forget' methodology where network packets are sent to other devices, but there is no check for packet reception (compared to TCP when network packets must be recognized by the other end of the communication link ).

There are two operating modes with SNMP - get requests (or polls) where one device requests information from SNMP-enabled devices on a regular basis (usually using UDP 161 ports), and traps where SNMP-capable devices send messages to other devices when an event occurs ( usually uses UDP 162 ports). The latter includes examples such as someone who enters, a device raised or dropped, or various other problems that require this type of investigation with SNMP Version Download.

So here's a Quick Summary

SNMP version 1

SNMP version 1: oldest taste. Easy to set up - only requires a plaintext community. The biggest disadvantage is that it does not support 64 bit counters, only 32 bit counters, and has little security. Community strings sent in plain text, perhaps from a limited range of permitted IP addresses, are as good as security. 

In other words, there is no security from someone who has access to the network - such people will be able to see community strings in the plaintext, and deceiving the IP source of the UDP package is trivial. (On the other hand, if your device is only set to allow SNMP to read only access - the risk is quite small, and limited to bad people with access to your network. If you have bad people with this access, SNMP might not be what you need to worry about. )

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SNMP version 2

SNMP version 2c: practically speaking, v2c is identical to version 1, except it adds support for 64-bit counters. This is important, especially for the interface. Even the 1Gbps interface can wrap a 32-bit counter in 34 seconds. Which means that the 32-bit counters surveyed at one-minute intervals are useless.

Because they cannot distinguish between consecutive values ​​of 30, 40 due to the fact that only 10 octets are sent at that minute, or 30, 40 due to the fact that 4294967306 (2 32 + 10) octets sent at that time. Most devices support the current V2c snmp, and generally do it automatically. There are a number of devices that require you to activate v2c explicitly - in this case, you should always do it. There is no downside in SNMP Version Download.

SNMP version 3

SNMP version 3: adds security to a 64 bit counter. SNMP version 3 adds encryption and authentication, which can be shared or separately. Settings are more complex than just defining community strings - but then, what security is not? But if you need security, this is the way to do it. 

Note that although you have to configure in the SNMP version of the device that is being monitored, you do not have to configure it for use in Logic Monitor. LogicMonitor will automatically try version 3; if that doesn't work, he tries version 2, and only if it doesn't respond will use version 1. We try to keep the work away from you with SNMP Version Download.