Switch Monitoring tools

Switch Monitoring

Switch Monitoring Tools are the backbone of your LAN. Every problem on your switch affects most of your LAN users. Implement a proactive switch monitoring system Makes it easy to detect problems from the start and avoid potential problems.

The OpManager switch monitoring function automatically finds switches on your network and places them on special switch maps. All switch ports are also found and placed intuitively on the map. By using OpManager switch monitoring capabilities, operators can gain visibility into switch port status and availability. 

OpManager actively monitors switch ports and quickly notifies the operator whenever the switch port or switch is off. Operators can set OpManager to monitor only important ports, industry best practices for monitoring Switches, which prevent alarms that do not need to be generated. OpManager also offers visibility to the spanning tree status that shows which ports are blocked and which ones are forwarded.

OpManager Switch Monitoring Feature

Move monitoring of Port availability With OpManager you can create a business view (map) to visualize your entire LAN graphically. OpManager can automatically send a warning when the link is broken. The OpManager reporting function also provides you with detailed availability reports about your Switch Monitoring Tools and Switch Ports. You can use this report to ensure that your SLA is fulfilled.

Port-Wise Traffic Monitoring

OpManager helps you monitor and troubleshoot Switch Ports for traffic, utilization, errors, and verification of Service Level Agreements (SLAs). By presenting accurate information about port traffic and utilization, OpManager helps you identify top speakers on the LAN.
  • Utilization monitors and port traffic with threshold warnings.
  • Detect potential broadcast storms and proactively prevent the same thing.
  • Port identification that is highly utilized and underutilized.
  • Get a warning when the port starts dumping the package

Switch the Monitoring Tool

Real Time Switch Monitoring Tools such as the Port Mapper Switch and STP Tool are combined with OpManager. Data monitoring switches support one or both internal management interfaces. Text-based CLI (command-line interface) is accessed with terminal emulation programs both locally via serial or remote ports through secure network connections (eg, SSH); This interface is sometimes preferred by network administrators, although many data center professionals complain that the CLI is too complex with Switch Monitoring Tools.

Switch Monitoring tools

Switch Monitoring
Free Driver

Most vendors offer drag and drop capabilities, there are various GUI options offered on these products, some require CLI and some don't. This interface is added to by generalists, executives, and stakeholders due to IT managing monitoring but not having physical access to the data center floor.
The external interface is also available as follows:

• Server based platform (Windows); This interface is preferred for managing a large number of devices through one interface

• Third-party SNMP management tools, this interface is preferred in the surrounding area with centralized SNMP management systems such as IBM Tivoli or HP OpenView. Port Mapper Switch is a useful utility that is embedded in OpManager. This helps you to quickly find out the list of devices connected to the switch port.

STP tool
The Spanning Tree Protocol details for each port can be viewed using the STP Tool. This gives you valuable information about the status of spanning trees from each port such as which ports are blocked and which ports are forwarded etc. If you want to see the Switch monitoring Tools feature, please look at the SNMP Port.

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