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VMware Monitoring

The VMware Monitoring Tools is best in its class that uses more than 70 VMware performance monitors. VMware Monitor from OpManager prepares in-depth, no-agent monitoring from within a VMware verified server to provide one error and IT console management administrator for all server infrastructure - both physical and virtual. In addition to monitoring based on SNMP and WMI,  OpManager utilizes the VMware API to help:
  • Start monitoring the VMware server immediately (no configuration required)
  • Be vigilant when resource use crosses the critical threshold
  • Know which ESX server is running out of resources
  • Rapid identification of VMs that are resource hungry and take corrective action
  • Get more than 70 internal reports about the performance of VMware infrastructure

What is VMware Monitoring?

With the new capabilities in OpManager to monitor our VMware ESXi hosts, we now have a fast portal to check our virtual machines / hosts as well as our physical servers, from one simple interface.
VMware Server Monitoring - Start monitoring VMware servers immediately (no need to configure) VMware monitors find and monitor without placing overhead on VMware servers a one-step process that asks for VMware Host server names & HTTPS credentials is all that is needed to find, map and monitor all The VMware Monitoring Tools is hosted.

VMware Server Discovery Tool

VMware Performance Monitoring be vigilant when resource consumption crosses critical thresholds. More than 30 critical availability and performance monitors have been pre-configured with thresholds, waiting to only set profile notifications every time they are skipped. The warning mechanism includes via SMS, email, web alarm, RSS feed, and Twitter DM. Set automatic remediation actions through special scripts eg restart Windows services in VMware Monitoring Tools instances when the CPU is allocated across 90%.

Download VMware monitoring Tools

VMware monitoring Tools
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Monitor VMware Virtual Machine Performance

List of 'Top Hosts' is based on CPU consumption, consumption of Swap Memory etc. Bringing the focus directly to the 'unhealthy' ESX server. Administrators can then open individual ESX server dashboards to further investigate VM resources and inventory. 'Latest alarms' and 'history reports' found on the same snapshot page allow fast troubleshooting, eg alarms at high CPU utilization led to reports showing CPU core peaked and which contributed the most at that time.

Monitor ESX Server

Quickly identify VMs that are hungry for resources and take corrective actions. Administrators can quickly identify VMs that are problematic through the 'top VM' list and then look to identify processes or applications that are offensive and affect application performance. OpManager ensures identification and removal of potential VMware Monitoring Tools problems.

VMware Performance Monitoring Dashboard

VMware Report - Get more than 70 default reports about the performance of VMware infrastructure. OpManager provides more than 70 out-of-the-box reports about CPU, memory, disk and network utilization for each host and VMware Monitoring Tools. 

These reports can be exported in pdf and xls formats and are useful in troubleshooting utilization spikes (try CPU usage per VM report along with CPU ready time reports), identify trends in resource utilization and in making appropriate capacity additions decisions. All 'top' reports can be scheduled and automatically emailed to the desired recipient with VMware Monitoring Tools.

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