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Understanding OpenStack Download Have you ever heard the term OpenStack? For computer friends who are Linux users, this term may be familiar to the ear. But for computer friends who don't know what OpenStack is?

Project Openstack is an open source cloud computing operating system, and supports all types of cloud environments. Then most openstacks are used for infrastructure as a service (IAAS). the sub-project on openstack has each integrated task such as managing network resources, storage etc. in a datacenter facility (data center).

Admin or user (normal user) can control and provison the resources owned through the dashboard or through the standard API that has been provided by OpenStack. Speaking of OpenStack, of course we will not be separated from Cloud technology, because OpenStack is a software suite service provider released under the terms of the Apache License. directly to the review topic.

What is OpenStack? Here is the Definition and Function

OpenStack Download is an cloud computing operating system service that can be used to manage large computing, storage and network resources in all datacenter in a webbase dashboard display (Infrastructure as a service - IaaS). This OpenStack function is expected to facilitate server administrators and developers to work.

The OpenStack project itself is managed by the OpenStack non-profit organization and its development under the Apache 2.0 license. The OpenStack organization itself was founded for the first time around September 2012, and until now there have been around 150 companies that joined this project.

Some of the companies joining the OpenStack project include Intel, AMD, SUSE Linux, Canonical, Red Hat, Inktank, Cisco, Groupe Bull, Dell, HP, IBM, Ericsson, NEC, Brocade Communications Systems, VMware, and Yahoo.

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OpenStack Application Architecture

Every service offered by OpenStack can be run using applications that are given unique names. The OpenStack Download application architecture is as follows:
  • Application Name Function
  • Keystone Identity Service
  • Glance Image Service
  • Cinder Block Storage Service
  • Nova Compute Service
How complete are not the applications provided? If your computer friend wants to enjoy OpenStack services for free, you can register first here. OpenStack Release While the OpenStack releases that have been issued are as follows:
  • Code Name Last Release
  • Austin October 21, 2010 Deprecated
  • Bexar February 3, 2011 Deprecated
  • Castus April 15, 2011 Deprecated
  • Diablo January 19, 2012 EOL
  • Essex 12 October 2012 EOL
That's a review of the definition and function of OpenStack, hopefully the above reviews can be useful for computer friends everywhere who want to know what OpenStack is, hopefully useful and see you again next technology reviews in OpenStack Download.

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